Our School Portrait Business is different. It’s Customized. It’s Current. It’s Local. It’s exactly what you’ve been missing.

After receiving gallery notifications from school, parents sometimes have a few questions. Please take a look at some of those we are frequently asked.


I never got a gallery link from school. How do I get my portraits?

We send student galleries directly to parent emails that we obtain from Power School data. Sometimes they get stuck in spam folders. We’re happy to resend you a direct link. Please reach out to our school email account, [email protected], and include the following information:

Student name, grade, and school about which you’re inquiring. If it is a sports event for school, please specify.

We’ll send another link (and include multiples if you have more than one student attending).

We always also provide direct links to recent jobs on our website under “Find School Portraits.” You can look up your child’s gallery (without a direct link from us) if you enter your child’s student ID number (Power School number for OC schools). It is easiest if our Private School clients and Preschool Parents email us directly.


Where will prints be delivered?

Online ordering is the only way to go with school portraits! 

We have transitioned to 100% online ordering and proofing. This way, you will be able to better see the background choices for the season, as well as all of our specialty items. Before the order deadline, parents will get the choice to have prints delivered to school, or straight to their door.

If you place an online order by the deadline, your prints and items can be delivered free to the school. This is a HARD deadline for two weeks after the gallery becomes available. We work with your schools to communicate the deadline date.

After the deadline, prices will increase and you'll be required to pay for direct to home shipping ($5). Orders placed after the deadline come straight from our printer and usually arrive within 7 business days. If you don’t receive your order within 2.5 weeks, let us know and we’ll replace it if necessary.


What if my online order code doesn’t work?

If you are having trouble with your order code when prompted, please email us at [email protected] and provide the name of your student, their school, teacher, and grade and we will send it to you in an email. We use these passwords to keep your children’s identities safe while you order online. The only people who will be able to find these images are customers or those you share the information with. In most cases, the online order code is the student's ID (lunch) number.


Can I combine images from multiple galleries into one order?

Yes you can! Parents with siblings should be able to order digital images from multiple galleries within one job. Simply add them to your cart (keep all the order browsers open) until you reach the number you’d like to achieve. 


Can I order multiple images in one print package?

Most print packages are priced based on one image. To order multiple poses, parents will need to purchase multiple packages. We offer a wide variety of price options for this reason.


Is retouching available for school prints and digital images?

Absolutely. We retouch all of our student portraits before publishing their galleries, but some parents want more options. If this applies, there will be an option on the shopping cart page when you decide on the image crop. Retouching is provided for specific needs, like flyaway hair, glasses glare, or intermediate retouching to cover most anything. If you have a specific request, please reach out to us if you feel it won't be covered with basic additional retouching. With strict Covid-19 guidelines, we will assist with contactless grooming instructions and provide mirrors for clients to have a last look at themselves.