I got our proofs, now what?


After receiving proofs from school, parents sometimes have a few questions. Please take a look at some of those we are frequently asked.


If you don’t find a solution here, please reach out to our client coordinator at (404) 441-6606 or email us at [email protected] with your student’s full name, school, event (fall portraits, seniors, schools, events, etc.) and questions. We are also available to provide password information for parents who misplaced it.


What’s the difference in ordering through the school (with proofs) and online?

- Proofs are an easy way for parents to order school prints by selecting the package they want and sending the order money straight to school. Proof orders are tax free, and the prints and items will be delivered directly to the school for parent pick up. Parents must order by the proof order deadline, as we place the orders end of business the day of the deadline.

- Online ordering is the way to go with school portraits! You will be able to better see the background choices for the season, as well as all of our specialty items. If you place an online order by the deadline, your prints and items will be delivered to the school as part of a bulk order with free shipping.  After the deadline, prices will increase and you'll be required to pay for direct to home shipping ($5). Orders placed after the deadline come straight from our printer and usually arrive within a few business days.


What if my online order code doesn’t work?

- If you are having trouble with your order code when prompted, please email us at [email protected] and provide the name of your student, their school, teacher, and grade and we will send it to you in an email. We use these passwords to keep your children’s identities safe while you order online. The only people who will be able to find these images are customers or those you share the information with. In most cases, the online order code is the student's ID (lunch) number.


Can I combine images from multiple galleries into one order?

- Usually, yes. Parents with siblings should be able to order digital images from multiple galleries within one job. Simply add them to your cart until you reach the number you’d like to achieve. Unfortunately, parents who have children at different schools will have to order them separately. The same is true for sports orders and school portrait orders - they must be ordered separately.

- Most print packages are priced based on one image. While some of the larger packages allow for multiple poses, most are priced for the purchase of a single pose. To order multiple poses, parents will need to purchase multiple packages. We offer a wide variety of price options for this reason.


Is retouching available for school prints and digital images?

- Absolutely. Some galleries are set up for retouching before purchasing. If this applies, there will be an option on the shopping cart page when you decide on the image crop. Retouching is provided at a flat $5 fee and corrects flyaway hairs, dirty noses, glasses glare and anything we might have missed during the chaos of picture day. With strict Covid-19 guidelines, we will assist with contactless grooming instructions and provide mirrors for clients to have a last look at themselves. Please email us with specific needs BEFORE placing your order.

- We execute digital retouching by hand for the same fee. Please email us at [email protected] for this request. Once we process your payment through paypal, venmo, or credit card, we will upload the retouched image to your child’s gallery for easy ordering.